Consulting & Market Intelligence

  • Career Management

    Youbook can assist you in managing your career plan and putting together your CV, hence helping you stand out from the crowd when it comes to finding your next opportunity. 

  • Recruitment by Design

    Managing a business and a budget can be difficult. If your organisation is looking for a specific part of the recruitment process to be managed, Youbook would be pleased to manage that for you. We can look at having targeted recruitment activities at any stage of the recruitment process. 

  • Human Capital Consulting

    For a small to medium sized organisation, Youbook can assist you in implementing your Human Capital and Human Resources solutions. This ranges from policy & strategy to counselling &  mediation sessions. At Youbook, we will aid in alignment of the business requirements versus the human element.

  • Publications / Research / Market Intelligence

    Knowing what your competitors are doing in the market can give you that edge. Youbook can help keep you abreast with market trends and general knowledge that will help you and your business stay competitive in today’s market.